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      Congratulations to the 2014  Recipiants of the Bill McIntyre's Shootings Stars Scholarship Fund:

Christian Moresi           Evan Rose Smith
Kaitlyn Kahulia             Brigid Squilla

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2014 Bill McIntyre's Shooting Stars NYB
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Congratulations to the So. Phila. Vikings NYB on 2015 their 1st Prize performance.
To Purchase Costumes, Props, or Floats from the 2015 Production. Contact Business Agent Tom Ibbotson for details.
Bill McIntyre's
Bill McIntyre's Shooting Stars NYB is a member of the Philadelphia Fancy Brigade Association and participates in the annual Mummers Parade on New Years Day in Philadelphia.
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From the Officers and Members of

Bill McIntyre's Shooting Stars

We would like to wish everyone a

Happy, Healthy and Prosperous

New Year, and may this year

be better than the last.

Thank you all for your support

not just this past year,

but every year.

Happy New Year!!!